Hire a DTC Bus

You may hire a DTC bus

The booking of low floor buses(AC and NON AC) has been stopped for marriage related functions only not for other purposes.Besides,the booking of special hire buses will be done at Corporate level i.e Scinidia House only,not on depot level.

A) Where to approach?

DTC Office at SCINDIA House phone number -  23752772 

B) What are the prescribed rates for special hire services?

S.No. Particulars Standard Floor Buses (Rs.) Low Floor Non-AC Buses  (Rs.) Low Floor AC Buses (Rs.)
1. Minimum charges per bus per day Rs. 2000/- (excluding detention charges) Rs. 3000/- (excluding detention charges) Rs. 8000/- (excluding detention charges)
2. Charges per KM (Garage to Garage) 40/- 60/-  75/-
3. Detention charges per hour  250/- 400/- 800/-
4. Night charges per bus per night (between 2300 hrs. to 0400 hours) 250/- 400/- 600/-
5. Minimum cancellation charges per bus 500/- 750/- 1000/-

Contact at School Bus Cell, Scindia House. 


Standard 40/-
Low Floor Non-AC 60/-
Low Flor AC 75/-

The above rates are applicable w.e.f. 04.11.2009.

Last Update Date :- 15-03-2018

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